Collaboration on ambitious projects is a development platform tailored for projects that aims to run autonomously. Those autonomous projects, called « Systems » live in the Cloud. Systems are collaborative and runnable by anyone online!

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Events based systems living in the Cloud

Use to collabore on systems made of thousand of services talking together.


All robots (mobile, robotics arms, industrial automates, etc.) require to sense the world and act accordingly. events based platform will allow developers and manufacturers to develop services that can be shared in the cloud among several projects.


We believe in a future where automation help make the world more equitable and sustainable. How so? By dramatically reducing the cost of labor for environmental tasks (cleaning, agriculture, etc.) and finally redistribute productivity gains to all.

Smart Agents

Smart Agents unlike traditional application don't react to human interactions but behave autonomously toward a result. We are at the beginning of the revolution and we think the current tools made for user centric application do not meet needs.

We believe complex autonomous systems should not be monopolized by big tech companies if we want a less unequal world. See our mission!

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